my wonderland.

Motionless In White by danamansbartphoto on Flickr.

Bring Me The Horizon | The American Dream Tour by namchivan on Flickr.

lets just sing motionless in white and eat oreos. 


James Hetfield 1986
  • updates on my love life: claimed another band member as my boyfriend


if she flinches when you go to put your arm around her … someone else’s hand wasn’t so sweet … if she questions you … someone else has lied to her … if she doesn’t tell you things … someone else once betrayed her secrets … behind every cranky, complicated girl or girl who is scared to love is … a girl who is tired of being broken.

fuckin love this shirt. i was soo excited when i found it in ht clearance 

Antichrist Superstar era Marilyn Manson, 1996